Download The 7 Best Android app in 2018: Get the Best from your Smartphone

Download The 7 Best Android app in 2018: Get the Best from your Smartphone - hello guys! today i will share about the best apps 2018. With android apps available in google play maybe you will be a little confused, what applications are most important for your smartphone. Because it is a lot of applications spread across google play that we can easily install for free. But we can not install all the latest applications, just because they want to follow the current trend. Of course as a savvy consumer we should be able to choose the important applications and we need, be it an application to send messages or social media, entertainment, games, photo editor or android theme.

So here I want give you some of the applications included in the best android app in 2018. I get the information from one news website that provides information about the latest and best applications in the world. so let's take a look at what apps are included in the best app category of 2018.

The 7 Best Android app in 2018

Google Opinion Rewards

One of the best applications in 2018 is Google Opinion Reward this app is included in the category of tools developed by Google LLC. While many are free, some of the best Android apps on this list require you to pay real money. If you're a skinflint, that's a problem, which is why you should definitely install Google Questionnaire.

Complete a short survey for Google and you'll be given credit to spend in the store. Sometimes it can be 50p, sometimes 10p, but everything increases and no surveys take longer than a minute or two. Seriously, download this now.

Gboard - the Google keyboard (Free)

next is an app called Gboard is the main keyboard for Android. That's partly because it borrowed the best features from elsewhere - Glide Typing is very similar to Swype for example - but it's more than that. Google search is built right into it, which means that wherever you are on Android you can quickly search for things. Someone wants to know where you meet? Get an address without leaving the chat window. Want to drop a GIF to show your frustration at Googling on their behalf? Google GIF and resubmit

Solid Explorer File Management (£1.50; with two-week free trial)

This is where Solid File Explorer comes in and uses Google's own Material Design style for an easy-to-use experience, which makes moving your files and retrieves the doddle space. What's more, it connects to a cloud storage system so you can easily move files to and fro, and the latest version lets you lock important files with fingerprints, it should be. It's £ 1.50 to unlock, but you can try it for free for 14 days to see if you benefit from it. For me, it is a total no-brainer.

Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner (free)

Download Gallery Doctor

the next app that will admin andromis share is Gallery Doctors especially with this app you can manually delete and backup it, but with the help of Gallery Doctor, the process can be fully automated.

Gallery Doctors hunt for duplicate images and highlight them for removal, but better yet he knows what makes good photos and can highlight your weaker efforts for removal. Do not worry, you can check on its performance to make sure you do not remove any classics - but this is an extra critical eye that helps when trying to reclaim valuable space.

Avast Antivirus & Security (free; with in-app purchases)

Avast Antivirus & Security is a powerful antivirus application that you can trust; its PC partner is one of the best free antivirus 2015. For those of you who want complete protection, many additional features are available in this application, as in-app purchases, including geofencing and remote data recovery. However, for those who only want basic protection, you will find this does everything you need for free.

Greenify (free)

If you want to economical batrai and efficient internet quota, you can try to install the following Greenify application, get the most out of your phone battery is always a key. Lollipop may have its own battery-saving device, and many phones now offer power-saving modes, but this should be seen as a last resort.

Greenify sitting in the background helps regulate how much battery the various applications use. It freezes apps you send to when you are not using them and instantly cashews them when you need to gain access.

Clean Master (free)

you and I definitely do not like it if it has a slow device, and Android somehow managed to take digital detritus like magnet in junkyard. Clean Master is the mop and bucket you need to clean your phone or tablet.

Clean the Waste File Cleanup feature The Master scans your Android device and removes all unwanted cache and rest files.

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